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Clean and green India challenge

Utthan organized a CLEAN AND GREEN INDIA Campaign on the occasion of Independence Day

On 14th August 2019 Utthan organized a Clean and Green India campaign on the occasion of 73rd Independence Day of India on 13th August 2019 from 4:00 pm. The event was initiated by CEO Mr. Alok Kumar Aggarwal, Directors Mrs. Anju Agarwal, Mr. Shailendra Mishra, Mr. Mayank Singhal, Mr. Amit Kumar Rai, and Mr. Deepak Maini, along with 150 employees from ASC.

Employee along with the team leader actively participated in the painting and play card making activity and each member came up with their unique creation to create awareness among the people on the matter Clean and Green India.

Employee enthusiastically educated and motivated people by conducting activities like one-one interacted with shopkeepers, food store’s owner, traffic police, garbage picker, youth people walking in the street, etc. In the interaction and conversation with people. They also convinced people to use dustbin for any kind of waste/Garbage and take initiative towards making India clean and green.

It was followed by planting trees by the employees and CEO, Directors of ASC Group. For setting an example for every individual/citizen of India and other corporate houses, ASC members cleaned the 500m area around ASC Group and planted 25 large trees in the park opposite to ASC. Two employees from ASC also took the initiative to water the plant in every alternative day.

ASC is also running a social media campaign ‘CLEAN AND GREEN INDIA CHALLENGE’, where each one has to take the challenge and participate in the initiative by cleaning and planting their surroundings.